4 years ago.

Generate 24Mhz clock on LPC1768?

How to generate a clock signal of about 24MHz from the mBed LPC1768? As the documentation says, the CLOCKRC signal pin is routed to some unaccessible pin. Thank you all for your time!

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4 years ago.

Any PwmOut can do it, if you use FastPWM library to do it.

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could you also please please please give me an indication how to get the frequency i want? should I set microseconds to 0.00041 ?

posted by angelo mottolese 20 Nov 2016

That would be 410ps, which is a bit little. But you can just look at the API. You can set sub-microsecond values either with the seconds or the microseconds function, or simply use the ticks one (96MHz clock, so 4 ticks period, 2 ticks pulsewidth).

Or with periods it is simply pwm.period(1/24000000.0);

posted by Erik - 21 Nov 2016