5 years ago.

AVNET AT&T starter kit issue


I intend to to use AT&T IoT starter kit (K64F MCU + WNC LTE module) to connect through MQTT to IBM bluemix platform using the Bluemix demo code. But when I try to import the code and libraries to my mbed compiler and compile it, it says WncControllerK64F couldn't be loaded from the source URL. I try to open the URL: (https://developer.mbed.org/users/fkellermavnet/code/WncControllerK64F/) I see the message access denied. I tried various ways like importing the library one by one as mentioned here: (https://github.com/jflynn129/WNCInterface_M2XMQTTdemo) but couldnt get access to it. I found a library called WncController but that isn't the required one. Please help me with this. I really need to get it working ASAP , my company needs this functionality in its product.

Thanks Sudheera

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