4 years, 9 months ago.

How to activate UBLOX C027 development platform - LISA C200 and U200

I purchased one of the first UBLOX C027 development boards back in Dec. 2013. I had no problem activating the LISA C200 chipset through Verizon. However, recently I have purchased about 5 units of the LISA U200 and 5 units of the LISA C200. Version (Business development) has been having issues in the activation process. They are stating that the ESN's are not E911/Network compliant and therefore they can't activate the units. I then tried to activate SIM cards through Sprint for the LISA U200 units. They said that the IMEIs didn't show up in there system and therefore can't activate the SIM cards. What is the deal? Can someone enlighten me on how to activate this UBLOX devices.... I have left numerous phone calls with UBLOX tech support but no response. If anyone is using any other cellular based products with success, please let us know. Thank you in advance. Mitch

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