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Ipad Mini

This might be a stupid question as I'm just a beginner, but Is it possible to code a microbit using an Ipad mini? I paired mine and tried flashing a sample program to the microbit. I checked it was connected. Selecting 'flash' in the app, a message says 'flashing code to microbit' , 'searching', then aborts with 'error', 'please retry'. This happens every time. THank you.

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Hi Phil,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Though I haven't got an iPad myself, people have had success using the micro:bit with the iPad, so I I'd hope you can get this working.

Are you using mbed, or the BBC micro:bit app? There's a really useful official page from the BBC here


and for the iOS app itself, there's an FAQ here: http://www.insightresources.co.uk/microbit/page61.html

...which covers the specs and systems that you ought to be able to use.

Good luck,


Thanks for the advice Jonny. I'm using the app from insightresources. Trying to pair it now I'm getting Connection Unsuccessful Make sure "bbc micro:bit [vagov| " is turned on and in range. It is turned on and right next to the ipad mini.

posted by Phil Austin 04 Oct 2016