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mbed client - "api.connector.mbed.com:5684" resolves to ",53" - how to set DNS?

I am using a Nucleo-L152RE with a SIM808 GSM Board to connect to mbed device connector.

I adapted the simple client example (https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-client-quickstart/blob/master/source/main.cpp) to work with my mbed hardware.

Unsecure connection to device connector work like a charm but only if I hardcode the IP address (#define MBED_SERVER_ADDRESS "coap:

Though if I use #define MBED_SERVER_ADDRESS "coap:api.connector.mbed.com:5684" (as stated in the example) the address maps to ",53" and obviously I am not able to connect.

Any idea on how to change this behaviour?

Thanks for any advise!

It first does a request to DNS server ( is Google's DNS server) over UDP. If that call fails then there is an issue somewhere in your driver. So I'm wondering what driver you're using (as said in the other question :-)).

posted by Jan Jongboom 04 Oct 2016
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