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Require guidance with MBED and SQL project as programmer has vanished. HELP!

I manufacture a laser system used for inch loss. With the economy we have developed an addition to the system that allows the machine to be used or not remotely. The device has a solenoid and Wiz wiki card placed in it that is linked via LAN to a remote server that holds a database (.SQL).

I have the MBED firmware files but will need to be able to edit these for each device to input a unique model number and to tell it where to locate the database (IP Address). So I have these source codes but can't read them.

The server database is working currently online on a server but I do not hold these files. I have a download but that is all. This dbase allows the machine to work or not work (ON/OFF) and records the time that it is operational by communicating with the device every x seconds. We can therefore access the server and see that a machine is authorised to use and it has done x number of treatments in a day.

I really want to find a person to work with to sort out were we are, move the communication to wifi and develop other parts, controls, etc.

So please, if you understand what I am talking about, are based in England and can either assist or tell me who to speak to I would appreciate it.

Regards Ian

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I don't have the answer at your problem but maybe you can help me on a point. Had you load the SQL Library on your mbed project ? If yes, how did you do ?

Thanks in Advanced for your answer.