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Example not working with Seeed 2.8" TFT Touch V2 Shield on NUCLEO-F334R8


when we compile and flash the example, the display stays white showing nothing. How could we debug this?

Best, Friedemann

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Example program for TFT 2.8" Shield by SeeedStudio that features an ILI9341 display controller in SPI-mode, a 4-wire resistive touch screen overlay, and a microSD slot. display, shield, TFT, touch

RESOLVED: You have to bridge the connections P1, P2 and P3 on the backside to have some signals be connected to the outer PINs instead of the 2x3 socket, which is not useable by the NUCLEO board. See detailed solution with pictures here: https://developer.mbed.org/users/neilt6/notebook/seeed-tft-shield-frdm-kl25z/ Thanks Neil Thiessen!

posted by Friedemann Bunjes 23 Apr 2015