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Need Help Please!

Hello guys and gals,

First of all, it is important I mention that I am currently studying Computer Systems Eng Tech. Hopefully, I will be graduating on Fall 2017. I was told I should start to talk to my adviser or tutor about my Senior Project which will be presenting by Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. For my senior project I was thinking to use an ARM system. However, one of the classes I am taking this semester requires me to make a project based on any ARM. My experience with ARM is zero.

A lot of friends have used Arduino, and they recommend I use the same. However, the professor who assigned the project recommended I research more about mbed and read "Fast and Effective Embedded System Design: Applying the ARM Mbed." I am stressed because time is passing, and I am not being able to decide which ARM I should use.

P.S.: I have some experience using C/C++ languages. However, not a professional levels.

The questions I have are the following:

1. What is the difference between Arduino and mbed?

2. Is the book I was recommended to read useful for a beginner to the ARM world? If not, is there any other book you guys and gals recommend?

3. What would you recommend I choose, if I tell you I want to create something right now (the project is due December) that can be useful for my Senior Project?\

4. I have heard that the community of Arduino is bigger than mbed when it comes to find projects and libraries. Is it going to be hard to find libraries and templates with mbed? Is that rumor true?

I will really appreciate any kind of help you guys and gals can give me!! I am struggling a lot.

Thank you very much.

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