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Programing a STM32F401RB with ST Nucleo STM32F401RE


I was hoping to program a STM32F401RB micro controller with the ST Nucleo STM32F401RE. If I attempt to use the regular drag and drop interface the device doesn't disconnect and reconnect like it usually does when flashing the MCU. I can flash the memory using the ST-Link interface but I'm not having any luck getting an LED to blink. Has anyone had any luck using this chip? As it was part of the STMF401 I was hoping it wouldn't be too bad.

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The program compiled for STM32F401RE will not work on STM32F401RB. The reason is the different size of the RAM (96 vs. 64 Kb) and initialize the stack at the address where STM32F401RB has no memory. The solution is to use the library "mbed-src" instead of "mbed" and manual modification of files, where is defined size of RAM (eg. Linker script). Programming drag and drop should work without a problem If the pins are well connected (eg. BOOT0 to GND etc.)

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I actually found exactly what you mentioned here and modified mbed-src so that the STM32F401RE flash and RAM size where changed to the that of the STM32F401RB. In case anyone wants a copy they can find the fork here.

I still can't get the drag and drop to behave like it normally does. When I drop something in there it does flash it but it doesn't eject and reconnect like mbed devices normally do.

Does having fork of the mbed-src means that keeping it up to date with the rest of mbed will be more difficult?

posted by Krzysztof Sitko 20 Apr 2015