4 years, 8 months ago.

wifi_reset Problem with IDW01M1

I'm using the F411RE nucleo board with the IDW01M1 WiFi expansion module. I've followed the docs that give step by step instructions that allow the nucleo to flash FW to the IDW01M1 board and then run some some examples. The flash seems to go just fine; however, all example code I run (and including my own) always fail during the wifi_init(). I traced this down to the wifi_reset() call where it just hangs in this while loop:

while(IO_status_flag.WiFi_WIND_State.WiFiHWStarted != WIFI_TRUE) { NOP(); nothing to do }

It seems that I'm waiting for some type of hardware callback to happen from a timer, but WiFiHWStarted never gets set to WIFI_TRUE.

Customer support from ST has been very unhelpful. They only thing they suggested was to make sure I have JP3 set in the 1-2 position (which it is). I also have JP4 set in the 1-2 position. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!

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