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Would you please recommend a demo hardware system (mcu + wifi) to try out mded cloud services?


I am new to mbed and would like to try out mbed software packages. Would you please recommend a demo system to me?

For the hardware, I need a MCU (doesn't matter from which vendor) and WiFi (either module or chip).

For the software, I would like to try out mbed OS 5 (so the above hardware needs to support mbed OS 5) with WiFi as wireless connection (so it's better to have some WiFi libraries or example code). The most important thing for me to try is mbed cloud services.

My goal is to connect MCU to WiFi, then to my home wireless router, then to mbed cloud server so I can send some commands over internet to poll and control MCU.

I have been searching mbed site for a while and could not find a good example project. Maybe I am new to here and missed something so your recommendation is highly appreciated.

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Thanks for your question i'd be glad to help.

The best place to start looking is in in the mbed-os documentation found here.


Here you will find a great example of end to end communication which you are describing using mbed cloud. As shown below


Let me know if theres anything else i can do.


Andrea, team mbed

Accepted Answer

Make sure to pick an ESP8266 module with Espressif firmware (like the Grove ESP8266 module).

posted by Jan Jongboom 24 Aug 2016