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NRF51822 and mbed

Hi All, I am implementing a custom BLE application on the NRF51-DK using mbed, i notice that once the flash usage crosses 64K. Loading the hex file onto the NRF51-DK does not do anything. Are there any settings in the mbed to overcome the limit.

Thank you, Naga /media/uploads/chaitanyav/mbed_screenshot.png

Not really an answer, but the nRF51822 is not very powerful, and does not have much flash (128K or 256K) of which also 80K is already eaten by the softdevice.

posted by Jan Jongboom 16 Jun 2016

Thanks Jon for the reply. Do you recommend any other boards with mbed?.

posted by NagaChaitanya Vellanki 16 Jun 2016

I was able to resolve this issue. Had to reload the bootloader from the nordic website (https://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/nordic/download_resource/52276/5/36486176) and reload the app. Now i can use more than 65K of the flash.

Thank you, Naga

posted by NagaChaitanya Vellanki 22 Jun 2016

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Hello Naga,

I do not have an answer yet, but I am experiencing the same problem with the LPC1768 embed (original model). I am generating the code using the online mbed compiler, using the bin2hex converter utility (maybe this is part of the issue) and then using the Flash Magic utility to re-program a custom board with the LPC1768 processor on board. Once I cross the 64K Flash threshold, the micro does nothing when reset.

If I find the cause I will let you know.

Joe B

bin2hex utilities sometimes have size limits since they are extremely old.

posted by Erik - 14 Jul 2016