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LoRaWAN using SX1272 and Mbed LPC1768

I had successfully experimented with some mDot modules, but now want to migrate the solution to an mbed LPC1768 platform. I tried to find some example applications using an SX1272 chip, but could not find any for this platform. Is there a way to use the mbed LPC1768 platform with an SX1272 chip (like the HOPERF RFM95)? I have been trying to change the LoRaWAN-demo-72 program by adding an BoardType, but without any luck.

Would it be possible to add support for the LPC1768 to the SX1272Lib? Or can you provide some guidelines to make the changes myself? I don't know if it is possible to start a new project and adding the SX1272Lib and the LoRaWAN-lib, but that seems not efficient to get an usable solution, as other solutions already exist.

We have alot of LPC1768 mbeds lying around, and our students are familiar with this platform. I would like to introduce them to LoRaWAN.

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Have you tried to import the LoRaWAN-demo-72 program to your compiler and change/add the platform to mbed LPC1768 platform ?

Yes, I have. But that didn't work because the wrong SPI pins are used by default. Then i tried to change it in the constructor of the SX1272MB2xAS class sx1272-hal.cpp (line 19) according to the LPC1768 pins i used.

posted by Sille Van Landschoot 13 Jun 2016

Are you able to get it running with these changes ?

posted by Uttam Bhat 16 Jun 2016