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TFT_Test_ILI9341 Compiling errors with NUCLEO_F103RB

Hello, I would like to use the Adafruit TFT 2.8" screen with the Nucleo F103RB. I imported your program TFT_Test_ILI9341, and I changed the TFT declaration to match the pinout of the Nucleo F103RB: SPI_TFT_ILI9341 TFT(D11, D12, D13, D10, NC, D9,"TFT"); I got compiling errors like stm32f10x_dma.h not found and later stm32f10x.h not found. If I import the files stm32f10x_dma.h and stm3210x.h, I have more compiling errors. There must be something simple I have missed. I cannot see what. Do you have some hints?

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test vor the new lcd with a ILI9341 controller

I also have the same problem as Henry-Claude Seran. Does anyone know if there're any other library for ILI9341 I can try? Thanks.

posted by S. Ken San 16 Jul 2015

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Alright, in case anyone wants to use this library with Nucleo F103RB, make sure you use revision "11:59eca2723ec5" for this library. I think the new commit "Add fast version of Nucleo F103" broke something very badly. It started with a missing a header file: "stm32f10x_dma.h".

I would love to try out the faster version of the latest commit if anyone's figured out how to get it working.