4 years, 9 months ago.

mbed development boards and pmod devices


Can I connect/use a Pmod device to/with a FRDM-K64F or other mbed compatible board? If not, what is the best way to connect a thermocouple to my FRDM-K64F?

Thanks. Guy

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4 years, 9 months ago.

Assuming they work with 3.3V, sure that should work fine. If they require 5V supply it depends.

Thanks. It's this http://www.mouser.be/search/ProductDetail.aspx?r=700-MAX31855PMB1%23 Pmod device, so I suppose this will work. Is there a "better" way to connect a thermocouple to an mbed board (FRDM-K64F) then what I'm trying with the Pmod? Thanks.

posted by Guy Dillen 13 Apr 2016

I believe it isn't that hard to read out a thermocouple directly, but it depends on your requirements. If you want good accuracy then such a board is probably an easy way to get it. If you just want to measure your room temperature an DS1820 is an easier one.

posted by Erik - 13 Apr 2016

Ok thanks. I really need a thermocouple K-type, so the DS1820 is no option unfortunately. Do you know of any other similar boards as the one I showed? Thanks.

posted by Guy Dillen 14 Apr 2016