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Doesn't work on the nucleo l073 board ?

Hi, I am currently working with a nulceo-l073 board and when i try your code, it doesn't work. I just change the name of the pin in the constructor EaEpaper epaper(D7, PWR_CTRL D6, BORDER D5, DISCHARGE D4, RESET_DISP D2, BUSY D8, SSEL PC_7, PWM PA_7,PA_6,PA_5, MOSI,MISO,SCLK PB_9,PB_8); SDA,SDL . Do you know why ?

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When you import libraries, did you have the label "Update all sub-libraries to the latest revision" checked? Your library should be updated and working with the newest version of the mbed library. Else, if it is not related to latest revision of libraries, we need more details about your problem.

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I have the label "Update all sub-libraries to the latest revision" checked. I have a rev D with EM027BS013 display and a nucleo-l073. I compile and have no error but nothing happen

It works with the EM027BS013 library but after 5-6 refresh, it stop working during the white&black stage .

posted by Yohann Rioual 08 Apr 2016