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Using UART together with Touchscreen

Hi Guys,

I am working on a project where I am receiving serial data on UART6_RX. This works perfectly fine.

However, when I add a touchscreen button to the screen and in the main while loop check if it is touched, the UART_RX doesn't receive any data anymore. I've got the feeling that it has something to do with interrupts.

I currently have the following code:

my main() function

int main()

    Button firstButton(lcd, ts, 10, Y0, btnWidth, btnHeight,LCD_COLOR_RED, BACK_COLOR, "My First Button", Font24);

    while(1) {  

        if (firstButton.Touched()) //If I remove this if statement, everything works perfectly. 
            int n = 10; 
       // __disable_irq(); //Tried this, but without succes

        if (device.readable()) {
            char cReceivedByte = device.getc();
            unsigned long result= doSomethingAmazing(cOntvangenByte);
            char buf[10];
            sprintf(buf, "%05lu\r\n", result);

            lcd.DisplayStringAt(270, LINE(5), (uint8_t *)buf, LEFT_MODE);
      //  __enable_irq();

Which LCD driver are you using?

posted by Jan Jongboom 26 Mar 2016

Hi Jan, I am using the LCD_DISCO_F746NG.h and the TS_DISCO_F746NG.h..

posted by ron de Koster 26 Mar 2016
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