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2 sensors wanted to use the same analog pins. arbitation problem

I am using mbed lpc1768. I am using adxl335 analog accelerometer to get readings and display them on 16*2 lcd. Problem is both use analog pins for their working. Lcd requires p15 to p20 while accelerometer uses p18-p20. So, there is an arbitration problem. How do i rectify it? Is there any way to use any other pins as ADC pins? I mean is it possible to program other pins to function as ADC? /media/uploads/jayanth32/400xnxpinout.png.pagespeed.ic.sxf15hahy6.jpg

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The analog pins cant be moved. However, the LCD can be connected to any free digital input/output pin, for example p21..p26.

Thanks for tip Wim... It worked

posted by jayanth kumar 20 Feb 2016