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Seeed Arch Max with "System Workbench for STM32" and CoIDE

Does anyone know if the free CoIDE and "System Workbench for STM32" can program and debug STM32 chips with the CMSIS-DAP interface, like the "Seeed Arch Max"? https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/Seeed-Arch-Max/

It has a modified version of the CMSIS-DAP firmware, with support for their STM32 chip: https://github.com/xiongyihui/CMSIS-DAP/tree/master/shared

I can not find information if it will work with Eclipse based tools like CoIDE and "System Workbench for STM32"?

On the OpenOCD site they lists cmsis-dap, but I am no sure if this support is included with CoIDE and "System Workbench for STM32"? http://openocd.org/doc/html/Debug-Adapter-Configuration.html

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The Arch Max is an mbed enabled development board for rapid prototyping. It's based on a STM32F407VET6 microcontrolle with an ARM Cortex-M4F core running at 168MHz. It includes an open …

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How about try EmBitz IDE with Seeed Arch Max - https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/Arch_Max/wiki/Get-Started-with-EmBitz-and-Seeed-Arch-Max. It works well using OpenOCD backend.