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GSwifi_smtp doesn't complie following error is there an up data

Error: Identifier "GS_DATA_SIZE" is undefined in "GSwifi/GSwifi.cpp", Line: 335, Col: 29 Error: Identifier "GS_DATA_SIZE" is undefined in "GSwifi/GSwifi.cpp", Line: 653, Col: 36

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SMTP client (send mail) GSwifi see: http://mbed.org/users/gsfan/notebook/gainspan_wifi/ gainspan, GS1011M, send mail, SMTP, socket, Wi-Fi

Thanks, Will this work with the STM32F103 Nucleo development kit I plan on hocking it into a GainSpan 2011 device. talk to it over a serial to Wi-Fi connection to see if I can send emails out.

Also have you ever encountered and issue with the NUCLEO DRIVE on your pc it says I have 0 space available. Cant upload bin files to the board any more.



posted by Danny Quaratiello 23 Mar 2015

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Because, your CPU does not have to test.

GS_DATA_SIZE will be included in the GSwifi_conf.h.


#if defined(TARGET_LPC1768) || defined(TARGET_LPC2368)
//#define GS_DATA_SIZE 1500
#define GS_DATA_SIZE 1024
#elif defined(TARGET_LPC11U24)
#define GS_DATA_SIZE 256
#elif defined(TARGET_KL25Z)
#define GS_DATA_SIZE 512

Please add the code.

#define GS_DATA_SIZE 1000  // adjust by your RAM.

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