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EthernetIf: Sending UDP Packets, what am I doing wrong?


I am attempting to send UDP packets using EthernetIf. I am using udp.sendto(packet, strlen(packet), &host);

The Configuration I'm using beforehand is:

EthernetNetIf eth(

IpAddr(169, 254, 184, 28), IP Address

IpAddr(255, 255, 0, 0), Subnet mask

IpAddr(169, 254, 9, 44), Gateway

IpAddr(169, 254, 9, 44) DNS


EthernetErr ethErr;

ethErr = eth.setup();

Host me(IpAddr(), 7777);


Host host(IpAddr(169,254,184,27), 7777, "dummy");

I have used wireshark to see the exact packets being send, and I see an ARP request for the MAC address of "" and then a response from my PC, but then the packet is never actually sent. Does anyone know why this might be?

Thanks very much.

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