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[SOLVED] nRF51-DK exported to GCC, program compiles and links but doesn't run..

Hello, I'm having the same problem as https://developer.mbed.org/questions/6068/nRF51-DK-exported-gcc-version-didnt-work/ . I've tried the "make merge" solution, from the other question, and drag and drop the resulting .hex file to MBED, but still nothing happens. It seems that main() is being jumped, since I have LED1=1 at the start.

Anyone experiencing this problem?

EDIT (1): my makefile (https://cld.pt/dl/download/1eeef7c4-74fe-459b-a27f-b73880ac97a6/Makefile)

EDIT (2): The .hex file size that I get from mbed online, is 289KB. The combined.hex that I get from local compilation is 330KB.

EDIT (3): For some unknown reason, it's now working correctly.