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Can this platform used as a USB device?


The feature list has USB as one of the communication channels and on the mbed platforms list, this board is listed as a USB capable device. But has anyone actually used it as a USB device?

There is only one USB connector on the board and as far as I understand it is not connected to the micro controller (it is used by the other microcontroller on board to program and debug).

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According to the datasheet of the MCU ( http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/static/active/en/resource/technical/document/datasheet/CD00161566.pdf ):

Yes. PA11 and PA12 serve as USB D+(PA12) and D-(PA11) (see i.e. page 31 of the datasheet). In order to achieve USB connectivity, you would need to connect an USB-Header to these pins.

On the Nucleo, you can find these pins in the upper part of the right row of the right Morpho header (6th and 7th from top).

For protection, you can add in-line 22R resistors and/or protective diodes to the USB lines, though for prototyping purposes, it will also work without these components.

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