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How can I read data from Internal Flash

Is there any plan to implement a method to read data from Internal Flash?

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IAP code for Freescale platforms

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You can have a look at the test program: There is no reason to implement special functions to read from flash, since code can always read from flash. You just need a pointer to the flash location where you want to read, and you can retrieve data.

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Thanks Erik for your helpful reply. I did not know what I could read data from Flash directly. How can C compiler difference between RAM and FLASH memory? I guess these have different address pages or something like that.

posted by Miguel Urco 12 Feb 2015

Exactly. They have different addresses, and in the setup files the compiler is told where it should store its data. But everything is in a single address range: RAM memory, flash memory, but also registers of peripherals (for for example PWM) can all be addresses that way. Only since you cannot directly write flash memory you need some different code for that, which this library does :).

posted by Erik - 12 Feb 2015