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Freescale KL25Z error 35 (Solved)

First post, just got some Freescale boards to try out MBED. The example accelerometor and capacitance slider programs import, compile and download-install just fine. Tried to import the TextLCD example program, got it, changed the pins to match my hookup, tried to compile and got the dreaded "#error directive: "CMSIS Target not recognised"" in file "mbed.bldcmsis.h", Line: 16, Col: 1. Searched the mbed site for both the error number and the error itself and found about updating the mbed library to the latest, did that. Still the same error. Do I need libraries especially written for the board I am using, the Freescale KL25Z? If so, how can I tell what libraries will work with it when I search the libraries and programs available? I sure hope I don't have to write my own libraries, not very good at raw C++, hence my user name TomJ. CODE:

<< Hello World! for the TextLCD

  1. include "mbed.h"
  2. include "TextLCD.h"

TextLCD lcd(PTC8, PTC9, PTD4, PTA12, PTA4, PTA5); rs, e, d4-d7

int main() {

lcd.printf("Hello World!\n");


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To answer this for others, the right click to update the mbed library doesn't always work. Got the answer from this post

http://mbed.org/questions/622/Importing-a-second-library-into-a-progra/ , seems you have to click it then click update on the right

side of the new screen. Thanks 1HzCoder

Accepted Answer
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Did you get it working properly? I've been trying for a while, no build errors, but also an empty lcd.

I've tried to copy your code from above and connect it that way, but it still displays nothing. Do you have any idea what to try next?