5 years, 6 months ago.

import customized mbed library

Dear Kenji, thanks for the fix in mbed library! very apreciated!

There are some permission problem, when i try to import your program, it do not import the customized mbed library in the online compiler.

The message say: You don't have permission to import the remote repository /NUCLEO.../mbed-src_check_rtc_base_464

Best regards Christian

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In the past, you need modify rtc_api.c in mbed-dev source code. From this revision, you can just use RTC function all of conditions (Normal, Reset, Stand-by, Power OFF). Nucleo, power on/off, reset, RTC, stm32, VBAT

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5 years, 6 months ago.

Dear Christian,
I'm sorry to make a trouble.
Modified mbed-src, I put a property "Private" under debugging and kept it.
Right now, I set Repository visibility, "Public".
Could you try again?
If you still have a problem, please let me know gain.

Accepted Answer

Thanks! tested with vbat and work perfectly!

posted by Christian Faure 09 Feb 2015