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Node 5 doesn't receive from the Beacon the DISTANCES_FRAME so can't printout distances summary

Once the Beacon (node 0) receives all the distances from each anchor I believe it should send the results to a monitoring node (node 5) which then displays the results on its console. I can’t see how the Beacon transfers the distances to node 5?

MM2WayRanging.h defines five frame types (PING, ANCHOR_RESPONSE, BEACON_RESPONSE, TRANSFER_FRAME and DISTANCES_FRAME). The last frame type (DISTANCES_FRAME) should be the one the Beacon uses to transfer the distances to node 5 but the code (MM2WayRanging.cpp) doesn’t take care of this frame type. I can see a callback in main.cpp (altCallbackRX) but I don’t think node 5 ever gets sent a DISTANCES_FRAME. Instead in main.cpp in function rangeAndDisplayAll() the Beacon just prints out to the console the received node.distances[i]. Unless I’m missing something?

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This is the DW1000 driver and our self developed distance measurement application based on it. We do this as a semester thesis at ETH Zürich under the Automatic Control Laboratory … decawave, driver, dw1000, eth, Ranging, SPI, tranciever
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