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KL26Z programming with CMSIS-DAP on uVision5

I managed to port and successfully compile the mbed sdk for the KL26Z. However, on my custom board, I'm using the MKL26Z64 (64kB flash, 8kB RAM). I set up the memory sizes on uVision as: /media/uploads/gustavsl/capture.png

My scatter file (MKL26Z4.sct) is

LR_IROM1 0x00000000 0xFFFF  {    ; load region size_region (32k)
  ER_IROM1 0x00000000 0xFFFF  {  ; load address = execution address
   *.o (RESET, +First)
   .ANY (+RO)
  ; 8_byte_aligned(48 vect * 4 bytes) =  8_byte_aligned(0xC0) = 0xC0
  ; 0x2000 - 0xC0 = 0x1F40
  RW_IRAM1 0x1FFFF0C0 0x1F40 {
   .ANY (+RW +ZI)

When I try to program with the CMSIS-DAP, the chip is successfully erased and the programming progress bar fills up a bit. Then I get "Programming done." and a

RDDI-DAP Error Error: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M0+"

I suspect it has something to do with the scatter file, although I'm not sure.

Any help?


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