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Powerdown and sleep modes?

According to http://www.multitech.com/manuals/s000540.pdf ...

The socketmodems support different types of sleep, but I cant find any implementation of these in the driver?

The thing is that DTR needs to be low after running CFUN=5 which is then done in the driver, which holds the reference to the DTR port.

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Cellular library for MTS Socket Modem Arduino Shield devices from Multi-Tech Systems Cellular

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Hi Niels,

MTSAS doesn't currently support sleep modes for SocketModem devices. However, the entire library is open source, so you're more than welcome to fork the library and make the necessary changes.


Thats ok, problem is that the documentation and examples are really not sufficient to workout what to do.

posted by Niels Buch 02 Nov 2015