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Included file not found - SLIDER.H - in LPC4088 emWin project

I have just created a new project for the LPC4088 display module, using the lpc4088_displaymodule_emwin template. On compiling it, I get an error 'Cannot open source input file "SLIDER.H", applying to a #include directive at the top of MEMDEV_WM_Ticker.c. I cannot (so far) find SLIDER.H anywhere in the project.

Anyone know the fix for this?

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Have you downloaded the emWin library? As mentioned the library is not included in the template program since there are limitations on how it may be distributed.

Instructions are available in the LPC4088DM Guide to Working with emWin or in the readme.h

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Thanks for this (I should have read the guide first, I guess - my apologies). I'll try that out as soon as I can.

posted by John Mitchell 21 Oct 2015