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Flashing firmware LPC11u35


I created a board with the lpc11u35 to program my lpc1768 based platform. (Using the CMSIS-DAP interface) When I connect it to my computer it appears as an USB drive, with the "firmeware.bin" file.

Then I delete this file and write the "lpc11u35_lpc1768_if_mbed.bin" file to the drive. When I reconnect it programs the firmware and than the drive reappears and asks to format it, but this is not possible (says windows...). So I can't see the MBED.HTM file, and cannot drag programs to the drive... note: the drivers (serial port) are correct installed, so the mbed appears as an serial port.

Someone who knows how to upgrade the firmware correctly on the lpc11u35?

Sincerly Robin.

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4 years, 4 months ago.

The DAPLink firmware for the LPC11U35 has only been developed and tested for the /501 variant (12k RAM).

Accepted Answer

Assuming the pin numbers were adjusted accordingly would it be OK to use a higher pin count variant?

posted by Oliver Broad 20 May 2016

If the device has the same peripherals at the same addresses and just more memory it would be best to use the same pins and the codebase should work as is.

posted by Sam Grove 20 May 2016
4 years, 4 months ago.

I'm having this same problem, can I ask which LPC11u35 version you are using? 401 or 501?


4 years, 4 months ago.

At risk of asking the obvious: is this the same binary as is used on the interface chip of the LPC1768 MBED?

If so then it might be successfully running now, but unable to access the Flash memory chip that holds the USB drive contents. This might explain the "unformatted drive" message.

If the program didn't start at all then it would be at most an "unrecognised device".

If it reverts to the bootloader then you should see "firmware.bin".

Yes this is the same .bin for myself. Using the LPC11u35/401 I get a popup asking me to format the drive. The only thing I can say is that after I flashed the firmware onto the LPC11u35 the reset button will flash an LED on the UART pin so its as if the firmware is working somewhat.

posted by Ben Fisher 17 May 2016

What circuit are you using? Is it like page 1 of the MBED schematic? EDIT: it is sort of like page 1, it has USB on one side and SWD on the other but that's about all they have in common so please ignore my question about flash as I now understand it doesn't apply to CMSIS

posted by Oliver Broad 17 May 2016

Yes, although I am using a LPC11U35/401 and not a LPC11U35/501 as shown in the schematic. I think the .bin file is only applicable to the 501 which is why mine isnt working.

posted by Ben Fisher 17 May 2016

I've now actually seen the HDK schematic, which I hadn't been able to access before. It has cleared up one point: I thought it needed an external flash memory like the "classic" MBED does in order to do drag-and-drop programming, but I gather this implementation does it differently.

posted by Oliver Broad 19 May 2016