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Ethernet interface support with stm32f407

Hi, I got a stm32f407 board which has an ethernet interface (dp83848 chip), I wonder if there are any drivers or libraries to make ethernet interface support with the board (stm32f407)? I know there is a driver of dp83848 phy chip for the platform 'TARGET_NXP'. Maybe someone can port the driver to STM32 platform, or can someone give me some advices or hints how to do the port work?

Thanks in advance.

I have tried to port the Ethernet interface to stm32f407(with dp83848 phy chip), I have made some tests to ensure if it's working. If everything is OK, I plan to upload the whole project, including the driver and the test codes, to the code repository of mbed.

posted by John Kemp 15 Mar 2015

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We are currently porting the Ethernet interface to stm32f407. It will be ready soon.

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Hi Olaf, That is great! Is it for DP83848 phy chip?

posted by John Kemp 18 Jan 2015

Mr. Hagendorf,

I have been looking into writing this driver myself as an introduction to mbed programming. I'm a controls engineer by trade, so I was really looking forward to this project both as a way to get familiar with writing hardware drivers, and also to increase my knowledge of networking.

I'm not sure how much I can really contribute compared to any more experienced programmers working on this, but if there is a way that I can participate in the project without being in the way so that I can learn what's going on under the hood, I'd love the chance to make any small contribution I can.

Best regards.

posted by Chris Pitts 20 Jan 2015

It is a student project. And soon the semester comes to its end and the project should be finished. In a few weeks I'll know how much work is still neccessary to publish it.

posted by Olaf Hagendorf 20 Jan 2015

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I'll be writing a driver some time in the next few weeks as soon as I get familiar enough with the mbed Ethernet API to write compatible code.

If it helps out on your project, I've been advised to use the target-specific code for the LPC1768 and LPC4088 as the model, and the example Ethernet code for the DP83848 should provide all of the necessary constants and functionality to port the code.

The biggest challenge for me is integrating enough knowledge of both the network protocols, and the mbed framework and coding style to write code that's suitable for human and machine consumption.

As a controls guy, I usually hang out in the higher levels of the code writing feedback algorithms, so you and your team will very possibly beat me to a usable driver if you already have the background knowledge in networking.

Best of luck.

posted by Chris Pitts 20 Jan 2015