6 years, 10 months ago.

without Pwm ?


Is there a way to define an 8 bit value to each led instead of using a pwm with very small frequency ?

Thank you

I still do not know what you mean what wrapper ? the PWM is a float 0 to 1.00

posted by John Leek 30 Oct 2015

Well just meant a function to define the color of the rgb led in one call.

posted by Remi Beges 30 Oct 2015

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What 8 bit number ?

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Sorry about the question, must have been really tired at the time of writing. I meant defining the intensity of each with an uint8_t value directly, but I see now this is pretty much what the example does by changing the PWM duty cycle. What I could do is write a quick wrapper on top that handles the pwm and only exposes the intensity value to the user.

posted by Remi Beges 30 Oct 2015