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What configuration is the other Decawave in?


I've been trying to read Decawave distance values into a microprocessor (Arduino, not Nucleo, but hey) and I was wondering what settings you had on your opposite Decawave. That is, assuming you are driving one Decawave with your code on a Nucleo board, what is the other Decawave doing? Is it battery powered? Also Nucleo powered? In Tag mode, or Anchor mode?

Thanks, Eric Schneider

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This is the DW1000 driver and our self developed distance measurement application based on it. We do this as a semester thesis at ETH Zürich under the Automatic Control Laboratory … decawave, driver, dw1000, eth, Ranging, SPI, tranciever

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both ends have the same Hardware: NUCLEO with DWM1000 connected. For us they are just USB-Powered with laptops for prototyping. if you lookup the main function, there's a flag set right at the start to specify if it's a beacon or anchor. But this is software only and has nothing to do with the DW1000 chips, they are configured exactly the same...

Hope it helped otherwise ask again :)

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