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Didn't commit, updated libraries, lost code

I wasn't thinking clearly and updated one of my projects, which over wrote my working copy of code and some libraries that I had spent lots of time editing (and never committed or pushed).

The code was saved/compiled on the mbed compiler many times, so I am hoping it is accessible on the backend somehow. Is there any hope for my lost code?


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4 years, 12 months ago.

I see you've emailed the support address, I'll contact you through that.

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Thanks so much for your help.

FYI anyone else who loses code due to not committing - mbed support can restore your lost code!

posted by Ethan P 15 Jul 2015

In certain circumstances. It's a safer bet to make regular use of the source control system.

posted by Stephen Paulger 16 Jul 2015

Agreed! Something that might be useful for boneheads like me: allow to commit or stash before updating (pulling) libraries, but never allow a destructive update without prior explicit user request (similar to git reset - - hard; I think this is ultimately how I got myself into this situation to begin with). Thanks again.

posted by Ethan P 16 Jul 2015

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