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Team Is it possible to accidentally set the CRPx mode by using IAP to write into flash. Our LPC824 device suddenly stopped going into ISP mode and it would always execute the code even if P0_12 was pulled to ground

I see the manual says that if the memory location 0x0000 02FC is set to 0x43218765 or 0x87654321 or 0x12345678 it moves to CRP mode.

Any API in mbed to explicitly turn it on or off?

Best Regards Surendar

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2 Answers

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What happens if you pull it low during powerup instead of just during reset ?

Gert Our device footprint is small. So we dont have a reset pin. I just pull it low on power up. I understand lpc824 does the POR.

posted by siva surendar 03 Jul 2015
4 years, 4 months ago.

The obvious question becomes: What did you write where in your flash?

Erik I misread the memory spot. We write int he 30th sector. Nothing above it.

posted by siva surendar 03 Jul 2015

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