8 years, 5 months ago.

Hi Jim, have you exported to a desktop IDE ?

I also have the EzSB2. Thanks for the blinky, it has been a good demo prog to try out toolchains & verify whats working and whats not.

Have you tried to export your program to a desktop (not online) IDE / compiler ?

I got your blinky program to work straight out of the box on Keil MDK, but so far no luck with EmBlocks/EmIDE

Have you tried exporting to EmBlocks ?

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Yes. I build almost entirely offline via EmBlocks. No issues. Did have to customize the make file...

posted by Bill Bellis 25 Jun 2015

Hello Bill I can build but the firmware won't run. What kind of changes did you make to the makefile ?

posted by Jonne Valola 25 Jun 2015

The problem was the missing checksum in the binary. I used LPCRC to fix it.

posted by Jonne Valola 30 Jul 2015

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8 years, 4 months ago.

i have found this : http://theblinkyledblog.blogspot.gr/

That's my blog ;-) !

posted by Jonne Valola 30 Jul 2015

Nice blog :-)

posted by Martin Kojtal 31 Jul 2015