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I am actually developing a similar program to read ECG waveforms.


I am doing a portable ECG for my project and using LPC1768 as a platform and C12832.h as my display. My programme can currently read and display my circuit but below 2 HZ I cannot see a full cycle of wave, so that is problem 1. 2nd thing is that i want to read the data calculate and display basic values such as period, frequency, time high and low. So i do not really know how to take the information that is being displayed analyse and display a more accurate waveform with information such as period, frequency, time high and low. I have seen your code but it is to complex for my project so i hope you can spare somr time and help me solve this 2 problems. My programme: /media/uploads/gniyydnew/school.txt

Thank you very much

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