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How to Set ETH Host Name using W5500

Hi all,

This library is working as usual. However, as you can see from image below, the Ethernet Host Name is empty. Currently, I don't know the way to give Ethernet a Host Name with this library. /media/uploads/arsenalist/hostname.png

My device is the one with IP Address

I need to set Ethernet Host Name using this library. How can I do that? Please provide me with some explanation.

By the way, I also stumbled upon with this workaround https://developer.mbed.org/forum/repo-33009-EthernetInterface-community/topic/5549/. However, after reading and testing the source code, I think the workaround is not suitable with this library, but the mbed official ethernet library.

I want to know whether there is simpler way to achieve my goal, before I dig too deep with those workaround.

Thanks for your time and willingness to answer my question.


Question relating to:

This is the Interface library for WIZnet W5500 chip which forked of EthernetInterfaceW5500, WIZnetInterface and WIZ550ioInterface. This library has simple name as "W5500Interface". and can be used for Wiz550io users … W5500, WIZ550IO, Wiznet
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