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Using a 4G Dongle with LPC1768

I am intending to use a ZTE MF823 4G Dongle with a LPC1768. It uses USB so I will use the USB OTG on the LPC1768. On other platforms where I have used the MF823, it gets recognised by USB as an Ethernet Device (CDC Ethernet) and not a serial device. I think it therefore differs from the Vodafone K3770 3G Modem (https://developer.mbed.org/components/Vodafone-K3770-3G-Modem) which requires a PPP connection to be initiated.

Does anyone have a library or suggestions on communicating with the MF823?

When using with an Intel Edison, it appears as a router with dhcp with local address I had to add CDC Ethernet to the Edison's kernel to get it to be recognised by the OS. After that there was nothing special that had to be done as the Edison then just saw it as a network interface. I battled for ages to get it to work as I was originally trying to work with as if it was like the K3770.

I also assume things are quite different on the LPC1768 as there is no OS.

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4 years, 11 months ago.

I have absolutely the same task now(( Do you have some results on it? I think it will not be quite easy because to have online connection we need some software, even on some OS like on your Intel Edison something like pppd need to be installed, as I see Here. If you have any links to bare metal implementations for 3g/4G dongles please write it.