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How to verify code written to an external device

I am using the FRDM-KL25 board to program a target KL05 chip on my production board. The programming works fine, but I notice that even if I forget to plug in the JTAG cable, the operation appears to be successful. The file copies to the mbed drive and my Windows machine beeps twice as the USB drops out and reconnects. It seems that there is no handshaking with the target. Would this also be true if I used the same setup with an offline IDE such as Keil? Is there any way to guarantee that the program is correct on the target?

Thanks, Tom

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7 years, 8 months ago.

I thought it would only appear when a target is connected. And I also thought the drag and drop only worked on the same target as the original one. Guess I was wrong.

You can of course easily check with an offline IDE. I am pretty sure then it should be noticed if there is no target, assuming you then use the CMSIS-DAP function.