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online compiler did not clean up

Hi there

I have been able to build and compile successfully. But right now i get the error: Symbol asm_13_WANDongle_cpp_29e66566_Z7REV16j multiply defined (by WANDongle.cpp.LPC1768.o and WANDongle.cpp.LPC1768.o).

So it seems like there are thwo object files with the same name. I have only one project and only one source file inside the project with this name.

Please tell me when the online compiler can be used again.

I would like to export it to my offline toolchain by the way which is Atollic TrueStudio. But appearently I am unable to create a .bin file. Plus the elf file created is 10 times bigger than the bin file which I download from the online compiler. But that is another topic.

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6 years, 8 months ago.

Next to the compile button is a little triangle, click on it, and the option to compile all should be there. This does a clean compilation from start.

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Thank you Erik

I would like to test that but unfortunately I can no longer enter the "compiler" anymore. That thing loads since the past 30 minutes yet the browser page is still empty. But if I am back at that problem I will give it a shot.

EDIT: Could be done now. I guess it was due to a library update from the mbed team of the mbed-src library that the system was significantly slow. Anyway, what you suggested worked for me. Thanks.

posted by Lukas Felder 21 May 2015