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how do i make lm75b as the interruptin to be event triggered?

    /** Set the OS pin mode of the LM75B
     * @param mode The new OS pin mode as an OSMode enum.

i am working on a project that i think i have to use event triggered interrupt, when my mic voltage is above threshold, interruptin will rise so it will be a HIGH and vice versa. i am having problem making the lm75b temperature as a interrupt. i know that i have to use osmode to configure it and stating its default address.do i have to solder a wire to from the os which is pin 3 to somewhere?can someone share with me to how to configure it as an interrupt.thank you

#include "mbed"
 #include "LM75B.h"

AnalogIn  rightmic(p16);
InterruptIn sensor(p28, p27);//supposely this should be LM75B
Timer t;

void right()
float sample=rightmic.read()*3.3;
printf("%f", t.read());
int main()
sensor.rise(&right);//if it is a HIGH it will run the function of right. 

this so far what i have tried.

posted by faris abdat 20 May 2015
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