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Printer toner cartridge chips technology

I'd like to put my limited electronics knowledge to good use but have struggled to think of a worthwhile project. After building an ECG using an mbed and a handful of components I ran out of original ideas. I'd like to understand the technology used in toner cartridge chips which stops them working after so many pages. I have a pretty good Dell laser printer which didnt cost very much.Of course the cartridges are ridiculously expensive. I buy in chips from Shenzen and refill the cartridges saving 80% of cost of replacement cartridge. I'd like to know how the chips work and I'd like to make my own chips also. Can anyone give me a steer in the right direction ? If they can do it in China.......

Here is a picture of the chip used in my Dell 2335 printer. I have identified the 8 pin Atmel AT88SC chip but I dont know what the 20 pin square device is or what it does. I'm hoping there may be some way to reverse engineer the chip and read the programming. I assume the 6 copper pads are used during manufacture for programming the devices. Any comments will be read with interest. /media/uploads/GregMartin/chip.jpg

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The 20-pin square device is an Atmel ATTiny45V, an 8-bit AVR microcontroller.

The AT88SC chip is a crypto authentication chip.

Your Shenzen source must have gotten the key used by Dell for its cartridges somehow to be able to program the keys into the AT88SC chips.

As for counting pages, my guess would be that the ATTiny45V is doing this, and saving that information in its 256 bytes of EEPROM.

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