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How to configure Eclipse IDE with GCC4MBED for building and debugging mbed programs in windows 8.1

I searched the net and couldn’t find any manual with detailed, step-by-step screenshots that explains how to configure Eclipse IDE for building and debugging programs on mbed LPC1768 microcontroller.

I believe, mbed is an excellent project with great tools for prototyping and for university students, but not having defined offline IDE with breakpoint-debugging makes it almost impossible to use in R&D.

I’d appreciate and assist if someone is willing to create a nice step-by-step manual on how to setup Eclipse IDE for mbed.

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my answer is not about gcc4mbed project, that will be answered probably by Adam.

I want to share with you a project which might answer your question. This is an example how to use "project generator" with mbed SDK https://github.com/0xc0170/project_generator_mbed_examples. It uses project generator which is as a submodule. A wiki page for it it's located here https://github.com/0xc0170/project_generator/wiki

THere's a project named lpc1768_blinky, which is defined for eclipse, coide and uvision and iar. If you have any problems or suggestions, create an issue on github in the repository. Thanks

As you pointed out, you want step by step guide. I have at least one. The above project , getting started. Or have a blog (2 parts). Here's the first one : http://0xc0170.github.io/mbed/2013/08/05/mbed-gcc-with-eclipse-kl25z-part-1/. It is using my makefile for mbed , which is also available on github.NAy problems with this, post a comment there. Thanks


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What about NetBeans IDE, Martin? Any experiences or tips?

I haven';t used netbeans for embedded development. It might be possible , if it provides support for crosscompiling and gdb, which I recall it does.

posted by Martin Kojtal 05 Nov 2014