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CMSIS DAP: mass storage issue

Hi all,

I have built a custom board using two LPC11u37's. One acting as CMSIS DAP debugger and other as target. I flashed the CMSIS DAP binary compiled from the sources available from mbed github on to the debugger mcu's flash. With this I am able to debug the target, CDC is also working but somehow the mass storage is not working. It shows up as mass storage but always prompts to format the disk. I mean it is not readable.

Can anyone help me on this?

Regards Nitin

I would suspect hw issue, have you tested it on more boards, same hw as other mbed boards which uses 11u37 as interface?

posted by Martin Kojtal 13 Oct 2014

My concern is why only mass storage issue if at all hw issue?

posted by Nitin Bhaskar 14 Oct 2014
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