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Compiling for LPC11U24-301 using online compiler ?


I have developped several boards using LPC11U24-401, with applications developped using the online compiler. For PCB space reasons, I'd like to use now an LPC11U24-301 (small QFN or BGA) The application is fairly simple and should comply with the smaller RAM size. How to compile for that target ? - Declare LPC11U24-401 as usual and check the actual RAM used still fits ? - Use the mbed src ? (I've seen the LPC11U24-301 target there with different linker params) - Need to move to an offline chain for that ?

Thanks in advance for any advise.


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Less flash isn't an issue, as long as it fits. With RAM the issue is that part of the RAM usage starts at the end of the RAM, so you need to modify 1 or 2 files regarding the location of the end of the RAM, see for example: http://developer.mbed.org/questions/4643/Does-mbed-support-STM32F030F4/

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Many thanks, it's quite clear. So I need to use mbed-src and modify the target files (or use the ones for -301 target that are present in the src). Can this be done with the online IDE, or do I need to export to an offline tool (as in the example you describe)? Regards.

posted by Philippe PRUNET 10 Oct 2014

Should work fine in the online tool when using mbed-src.

I didn't realise there are already 301 files there. Then you can most likely copy those, or use them offline. But it might also already be used in one of the targets, in which case you can just compile directly for it.

posted by Erik - 10 Oct 2014