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DevStatus.imei won't return any string

Hey guys!

I'm currently developing a simple application using the MDM library and I need to store the SIM card IMEI on a string. Here's my code:

code snippet

printf("Imei:: %s \r\n",devStatus.imei); 

As a result, the devStatus dump works normally, dumping every info available, but, when I print the same variable (IMEI) to test, it returns nothing.

Modem::devStatus Device: SARA-G350 Power Save: Disabled SIM: Ready CCID: 89552337111001356537 IMEI: 353816052697481 IMSI: 724233700600703 Manufacturer: u-blox Model: SARA-G350 Version: 08.49 Imei::

What could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance,

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