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Does mbed support STM32F030F4?

Hi, does mbed support STM32F030F4?

I create a mbed nucleo STM32F030R8 project, it work fine in my nucleo STM32F030R8 borad. Then I export the project, and modify device to STM32F030F4. But it can't work now.

I check 'Use Cross-Module Optimization' option, otherwise it will overflow 16K flashrom size.

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Quick check shows that not only has it half the flash memory, it also has half the RAM memory. And that is both the reason it won't work, and is a bit little. What you will need is instead of the regular mbed lib, mbed-src lib (http://mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed-src/), which you can also just export for your target (although should also work from the online compiler).

Then I *THINK* it should be sufficient to go to this file: http://mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed-src/file/406fd2029f23/targets/cmsis/TARGET_STM/TARGET_NUCLEO_F030R8/TOOLCHAIN_ARM_MICRO/startup_stm32f030.s, and edit the initial_sp to 0x20001000, that points to the top of your RAM memory, which is currently pointing outside your ram memory.

Accepted Answer

Yes, it works, thank you.

And file 'stm32f0xx.sct' must be modify too, modify 0x10000 to 0x4000 (flash), 0x2000 to 0x1000.

posted by shao ziyang 19 Sep 2014
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You are not using mbed, if you export mbed project and use off-line compiler. Kiel and other have their own libraries, so you need to port the mbed code to off-line compiler.

Propably your own code is not so big, so it should be very easy task. For example I have ported gsm stack to a windows device driver:-)

I using mbed library in the project. I create project with mbed-src, and export full project.

posted by shao ziyang 19 Sep 2014