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mbed support for mbuino

Hi There, Just received my mbuino today - thank you! Do you guys plan to create a platforms page for this board? Until the page is created (and we can add the mbuino to our online compiler), we can build using the 'mbed LPC11u24' as the target, correct? Do you guys plan to add board specific support? I.e. so users can simply use macros/enumerations for LED1 -> LED7? Cheers, Donal

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5 years, 10 months ago.

I also got my mBuino recently and asked the same question over on the GHI forum. Seems there is something mBed and GHI are working on sorting out before we see the platform page. See the end of this thread:


So, there will be a platform page. Exactly when it will be available is TBD.

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5 years, 10 months ago.

Hi Donal,

Eric is right, there will be a platform page and the "when" is related to the mbed SDK release. When they release the next SDK it will have our platform added so the platform page release is being timed to the SDK release.